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Although the exact definition can be difficult to find, one practical definition of Yoga is a physical regimen consisting of multiple exercises that unites the individual with mind and body which creates a harmony between an individual and their environment.

There are many websites on the internet and much of the information can be confusing to organize. I would personally recommend choosing a local studio and dropping in to take a class and experience it first hand. This experience will help you understand the positions, and postures better if you were to simply use DVD's, books, or website information alone. Classes can cost approximately $10-$17 per session. They can include the mat or rent it for a low cost. Purchasing a mat separately will cost approximately between $25-$60 depending on the quality. I personally own a Nike mat that has different textures for different levels of grip on either side and has a line of stitching down the center which helps me visually center my feet on the mat. It was approximately $40.

I have included the information on this page since this practice can be considered a physical form of Meditation. The resources below can offer you a look into what uniting mind and body has to offer.

If you are looking for:

- Less Insomnia/More Restful Sleep

- A Healthier Heart

- Increased Physical Strength

- Improved Flexibility

- Heightened Awareness

- Healing of Emotional Trauma

These are some benefits of which can be discovered through the following site


Yoga Studio Information

Yoga Informational and Directory sites


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