walking meditation

Walking Meditation


- The walking meditation is one of the most versatile forms of developing focus, in that it can be practiced almost anywhere!

- Remember that this meditation is intended to bring you to the present moment. You want to remain in the here and now as long as possible.

- If you find your mind drifting onto other matters in your life, simply bring your attention back to your body. Just pick up where you left off.

- The walking meditation method is best practiced after reading the procedure once or twice. Let the process become familiar before you attempt the meditation.

The Method

1. Stand on the spot, and be aware of your weight being transferred through the soles of your feet into the ground. Be aware of all of the delicate movements that go on in order to keep us balanced and upright. We often take this for granted.

2. Start walking at a normal pace. Try not to change the way you walk, simply be aware of the way you walk. Your body may do a funny wobble as soon as you become aware of yourself. Don’t worry, that’s a natural effect.

3. When beginning your session, keep in attention in the soles of your feet, being aware of the constant patterns of landing and lifting off. Be aware of your foot as the heel first makes contact, your foot then rolls forward onto the front (the ball), and then lifts and travels through the air again. Visualize your feet going through this pattern as you walk.

4. Try to be aware of all the different sensations in your feet, not just a contact in the soles of your feet but the connection between the toes, the sensation of the inside of your shoes, and the fabric of your socks.

5. Let your feet be as relaxed as you can. Become aware of your ankles. Notice the elements your joints. Let your ankle joints be relaxed-try not to resist your ankles in any way. Can you become aware of your lower legs, shins, and calves?

6. Try to be aware of their contact with your clothing, the temperature on your skin; and the muscles. Detect what the calf muscles are doing. Persuade your calf muscles to be calm.

7. Expand your awareness into your thighs, feel your skin, your clothing, the temperature. Be aware of the front and rear thigh muscles and don’t forget about the inners. You can be aware of the whole of your pelvis - and notice all of the movements that are going on your pelvis. One side of the hip moves forward and then the other; one hip lifting, the other sinking.

8. What temperature is your stomach? Make a mental note that your stomach is the center of your body, and its pretty central when you walk.

9. Notice your chest, and just let your breathing occur. Notice the connection that your chest makes with your clothing.

10. Notice your shoulders. Try to see how they are moving with your rhythm. They move opposite to your hips. Have your arms simply hanging by your sides and swinging naturally.

12. Notice all the wonderful motions in your arms, what are your upper arms doing. That means your elbows, forearms, wrists, and hands. My favorite is feeling the air flowing over the skin of your hands and fingers as your arms swing through the open sky.

13. Become aware of your neck - and the muscles supporting your skull. It doesn’t hurt to notice the angle of your head.

14. This next one is big. Relax your jaw. Relax your eyes and just let your eyes be softly focused, varying how far you look ahead. Look directly in front then scan ahead until you hit the skyline. Remember; don’t bother yourself with focusing on anything that's speeding past you.

15. Lastly, come to a natural stop and just experience yourself standing. Just notice what it's like to no longer be mobile. Notice once more the multifaceted balancing act that's going on to keep you upright. Feeling once again, the weight traveling down through the soles of your feet into the earth; simply standing, and experiencing yourself.

- I hope you enjoy the walking meditation!

Important Notes

- Its easy to be "in your head" while doing the walking meditation. Put differently, try not to be too focused on getting everything right with the meditation.

- Try not to "read the script" while doing the walking meditation. While you probably won't carry a piece of paper around with you, you may still read off the instructions to yourself while doing the walking meditation. Avoid this if possible. Just feel what your body is doing. Dont say "feel your legs" in your mind's voice. Do you see the difference?

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