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Mindfulness Meditation


- This Mindfulness meditation is unique. But it’s extremely effective for me whenever I'm thinking too much about the future or the past. It's a great way to bring yourself back to whatever you want to focus on. This meditation is very easy to learn and fun to practice.

- Remember that this meditation is intended to bring you to the present moment. You want to remain in the here and now as long as possible.

- If you find your mind drifting onto other matters in your life, simply bring your attention back to your body. Just pick up where you left off.

The Method

How do you do this mindfulness meditation? Act as if you were in slow motion.

- Activities to perform this "Slow-mo" mindfulness meditation include:

- This meditation will bring you back to what you are doing because it’s such a radical shift from normal consciousness.

- This is great if you happen to be doing something with your hands because they're so easy to focus on.

- Activities to perform this "Slow-mo" meditation include:

1. Just moving your hands in front of you. 2. Stretching your body 3. Sewing your socks 4. Typing an Email 5. Giving someone a massage 6. Walking (in your own home) 7. Eating a fruit 8. Doing the dishes 9. Fixing your home 10. Doing a hobby 11. Painting a picture 12. Dancing around to music 13. Filing your taxes 14. Ironing your clothes 15. Collecting garbage 16. Writing a poem 17. Coloring a coloring book 18. Changing a light bulb 19. Vacuuming 20. Getting ready for sleep 21. Work stuff 22. The list goes on...

Important Note

- Try to have as much fun with this meditation as possible. Remember, meditation isn't intended to be a chore.

- You can tell that this can be done with any activity you choose throughout your day. Its good to do this before you plan to sleep, your body will relax itself naturally. I've used this mindfulness method for years now.

- If you liked mindfulness, try the walking meditation as well. It’s very similar in nature, and will produce a similar effect.

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