Flower of Life

Meditation Wallpaper

Meditation wallpaper makes an excellent mandala or focal image for meditation. Click on the selected thumbnail to see the fullsize image.

These images were made by taking photographs of the inside of a kaleidoscope. The images were slightly enhanced to intensify the contrast and brightness, but otherwise untouched.

The mandalas can also be used as computer destop images. To achieve best results, change the desktop background to black before placing the image on your screen.


Blue Water

Blue Water Mandala

Cherry Peacock

Cherry Peacock Mandala

Chestnut Waffle

Chestnut Waffle Mandala

Forest Plant

Forest Plant Mandala

Green Apple

Green Apple Mandala

Living Pyramid

Living Pyramid Mandala

Pink Butterfly

Pink Butterfly Mandala

Rainbow Drop

Rainbow Drop Mandala

Red Fire

Red Fire Mandala

White Ice

White Ice Mandala

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