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Listen to the Meditation Music Library. It's a sublime experience waiting to happen.

Relax, unwind, and let go. Allow our meditation music pull you away from ordinary reality. The material in our library can be considered to be a vehicle that can transport the mind through the endless looking glass of life and place you in a dimension of joy.

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The New International Face of Meditation Music

Jay Pietowski

More about the music...

Being a curious musician, his knowledge is widespread. His purpose is to relay deeply soul-moving soundscapes through the use of sound, infusing harmony with tranquil cleverness. His style can be described as, "ALIVE", "INTRICATE", "SYMPHONIC", and "MYSTERIOUS". Producing music in his own studio for several years, he discovered intriguing techniques in recording music which in turn has allowed for wild experimentation in sound textures.


The "Abyss" is a deeply transformative listening adventure that will lose you in the depths of the oceanic void. The track is four minutes of dynamic colossal obtrusions that penetrate our all-to-ordinary and banal conscious landscape. Enjoy.

Abyss - 4 minutes

Neptunes Sister

Contrary to common behaviour, "Neptune's Sister" up heaves the homosapien human reality to an extrasensory world of transcending limitation. It's alluring rhythms support underlying primal harmonies unlike the construction of a conventional song. Rapturous and tasty, bon-appetit.

Neptune's Sister - 4 Minutes

The Angels' War

Hark! A bastion of symphonic melody and sonic delights. Why fight a beautiful experience waiting to happen? Allow yourself to become entrenched in a wonderful plethora of fast and slow, sharp and mellow. An experience illegal to deny, and a need too urgent not to elicit. Beautiful meditation music.

Listen to The Angels' War - 18 Minutes

Listen to my Music!

Here's a review; “I (also) felt impacted by the track that you played for us, its remarkable, I am not just saying this. IT goes to the core of my being and resonates with the Self. I am currently listening to it; I will be putting it on my I pod so I can share it with my family...”Anonymous

AMARAVATI - Listen to a Sample!

amaravati mesa

Other Meditation Music Resources
Here in the CD room, you will find a variety of meditation CDs and mp3s, including meditation instruction and guided meditations for various purposes.

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