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Binaural Audio Programs - What are they?

These audio systems are designed to get you into a deep meditation by using sympathetic resonance. It’s basically where you listen to a stereo signal at a particular frequency and your brain will naturally follow it. In order for this to work you need to be using headphones to separate the sounds from each ear. Each side has a different frequency and your brain creates a frequency to match the two.

Why would you want this? Well, sometimes getting into a relaxed state can be really challenging. Many times I don’t feel like meditating because of the distractions (noise, people, things) around me prevent me from feeling relaxed. Also, these programs give you a boost when you want a truly deep and refreshing meditation session. A big benefit of these tools is that you don’t need too much training in meditation to get some pretty outstanding results.

The last main benefit of binaural audio tracks is that they are portable. You can have a music player on the subway, bus, in the passenger seat of a car, in your office, on a train, wherever, and get really dense and refreshing meditation happening. If there are any idle times in your day, you can use them for this type of meditation.

A word of warning. Don’t try to use these while driving, walking or doing any activity. They won’t work. Believe me, I’ve tried many times and all I get is this feeling of being overloaded. Ideal environments would be sitting with your eyes closed. If you get ear-canceling headphones that’s even better for noisy situations.

Ennora Binaural Beats

What I like is this. Ennora provides you with an opportunity to sample their product before you buy. You can download a couple of tracks to get an idea of what you’re getting. Once you signup for their mailing list you have access to 2 tracks absolutely free to see their potency. After trying the two sample tracks I found that the “Refresh Track” is actually only 5 minutes long not 10mins like the label suggests. To get a good refreshing meditation you want at least 10-20 minutes, so I just repeated the track 4 times. I started feeling the results around the 4 minute mark maybe this is when I began to relax a bit. I can describe this feeling as a soft tingling around my eyes and cheeks, and my sinuses opened up so that I could breathe fully. These are tell tale sign for me that I am in a super-relaxed state. I found that around the 3 time I replayed the refresh track or around the 15 min mark, the audio began to change (that is I began to change to adapt to the audio). I felt a huge sense of peace come over me, like a giant stillness, and the audio sound was less wavy, and more solid and stable. I have been dealing with an eye issue recently, and I felt relief from my eye which was a huge uplifting feeling. I almost want to say that my mind began to restore a balance within my body.

Now the downside. My impressions of this product is that the audio tracks are “in your face”, so to speak. There aren’t any ocean waves or music to hide the resonance. If you’re hard core, you may like this, but others who are a bit more sensitive may shy away from this product. To describe the sound vibrations, it’s like you get a droning sound that resembles an episode of Dr. Who from the 1970’s.

Bottom Line

I think this a great entry point into Binaural Audio product since they give you an opportunity to try before you buy so there are no surprises. I also really enjoyed the results of the free sample that they send you. If this is an indication of what is possible for me then I am more confident about purchasing. I liked the results, but I found the audio could have been masked with an ocean track or musical overlay, but that’s just me.

Recommended: Yes

For more information or to obtain your free sample click here.

Shinka Meditation Buddy

Shinka has a very melodic soundscape, with a refined and progressive process. I really like the quality of this set of Binaural Meditation Audio they are powerful yet relaxing. Shinka offers many free samples to try so be sure to visit them.

Shinka - Click here for a sample.

Recommended: Yes

Brain Evolution System "Brain EV"

The BrainEV system has a relaxing waterfall soundscape that progressively changes throughout the recordings. This is a very effective concept of increasing intensity over time to gradually bring more and more effective meditations.

BrainEV - Click here for a sample.

Recommended: Yes

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