Hebrew Numerology

Hebrew Numerology is a system of assigning numerical values to words and/ or phrases. This line of thinking suggests that words and numbers are related in some way. Another name for this Jewish assignment of words to numbers is “Gematria” or “gimatria”. Hebrew Numerology suggests that using one’s birth date can tell a lot about this person’s life. The numerical values translating into words can point to a message that is argued to have significance to people’s lives. This word “Gematria” when translated from Greek origins means geometry.

One well known example of Gematria or Hebrew Numerology is the Hebrew word Chai. The word Chai in Hebrew means life. This word If you take the two letters that compose the word chai in Hebrew you are left with the number 18. Therefore this number 18 is a very lucky number among the Jewish as it relates to the word life. From a traditional standpoint the number 18 and multiples of it are common in gift giving in the Jewish community, e.g. 36, 72, 144, etc.

There are two forms of gematria. The first is used in Rabbinic Literature, and the other the Kabbala (the Jewish mystical book). Gematria or Hebrew Numerology is most often used to calculate the numerical values of individual words, bible verses, talmudical aphorisms, Jewish Prayers, personal names, angelic names, and Godly names.

Kabbalists use Hebrew Numerology for names, phrases or other personally significant purpose.

Important Numbers in Hebrew Numerology

3 –A symbol of holiness.

7 - The general symbol for all association with God; the favorite religious number of Judaism, typifying the covenant of holiness and sanctification, and also all that was holy and sanctifying in purpose.

18 – Relates to Life (includes all multiples of 18 as well)

26 - God’s name

42 – Number of lines in a Torah scroll, number or letters in one of God’s names

120 – Life of Moses

147 – Life of Jacob

175 – Life of Abraham

180 – Life of Isaac

365 – Total number of negative commandments

950 – Life of Noah

969 – Life of Methuselah

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Hebrew Numerology

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