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Heart Meditation


- This is an advanced method. The heart meditation is recommended for experienced meditators because of the level of visualization involved. Visual meditation methods tend to be more difficult to achieve.

- This is one of my favourite methods because of the feelings it produces. This meditation can bring about marvellous emotions that are ineffable.

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The Method

1. Breathe deeply counting your breaths from 1 to 11. If you lose your count start again. Do at least 3-4 cycles before the following visualization.

2. Think of your heart. Place your awareness on it.

3. Try to visualize yourself looking out from the perspective of your chest. Remain there for a moment.

4. Feel what its like. Breathe in what the rest of your body’s feeling. At this point just rest on this perspective. Have your conscious mind just rest where your heart is and just feel what your body is doing. You may have to focus for 5 minutes or so before a significant feeling develops.

5. You may get this pleasant heavy feeling around your chest. The feeling is very satisfying. Your spine may be resonating with a delicious energy, or some other pleasant feeling may occur. Try to maintain this feeling. The longer your keep it in your concentration, the more the feeling that develops.

Important Note

- The feeling of heaviness around your chest has been described as “the feeling you get when energy is pouring out." Some gurus have seen energy travelling in a tube of white light leaving their chest and going into others in an accident. They recall the same feeling when this white light travels out of their body.

- If you don’t feel anything extraordinary. Go back and visualize the area in your chest. Stay focused on that spot while you are in the relaxed state.

Some more Extras...

- Warning: a daily JOYgasm may cause frequent and sudden bouts of extreme happiness. The Universal law of allowing comes into play when you are vibrating high in appreciation. The quickest way to a feeling of happiness is through appreciation while focusing on our heart connection.

- JOYgasm is a colloquial term commonly used to express the feeling one has when doing something that feels so very good that they might burst with happiness. Find more information below:

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