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Guided meditation allows the listener to break away from being occupied with reading, while trying to learn meditation. Meditation should be fun and easy. If it isn't either fun or easy you shouldn't do it at all; it shouldn't be a chore either.

Try to sit in a comfortable spot and listen to the meditation once before attempting the procedure. Once the whole procedure is explained in the script, one can then let oneself enjoy the experience.

Having a particular technique explained in audio lets the user experience more of a personal connection with the teacher and process of learning. With the resource of an auditory description of the method, you are not limited to the mundane banality of trying to read and meditate at the same time. Although this audio lesson is not as vivid as a teacher right in front of you, it still can be a very valuable tool.


Body Relaxation Method in AUDIO

Japa Meditation Method in AUDIO Download

Silent Meditation Method in AUDIO

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Guided Meditation - Learn meditation techniques to experience love and communication with God.

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