Body Relaxation Technique: A Must-Do Before Every Meditation

What is the Body Relaxation Technique?

This body relaxation technique is performed each time before meditation to calm the body enough to make meditation more effective. The body is typically very restless in its ordinary state. The body is designed to move on a regular basis and it usually remains in a state of constant arousal to facilitate this. What we want to do is bring the body into a more restful state. This has a significant impact on the mind, especially when attempting to meditate.

It reduces your brains need to be responsive of your body Your nervous system is constantly sending information to your brain updating the location and status of each muscle. We will be relaxing each muscle, so that the brain isn’t so preoccupied with the body. The body relaxation technique releases your mind from being pestered by the body.

Your mind will have less information to tune out. Your brain has to tune out all of its senses to achieve the deepest meditation. By reducing your body’s constant bombardment of sensory information meditation becomes much more rejuvenating. The technique improves focus.

Many have experienced meditation as very difficult without using this technique beforehand. The mind can be likened to an excited monkey in a cage, and without relaxing it first, it can prevent you from a proper meditation experience, leaving you frustrated and more aggravated. The body relaxation tecnique will help not only relax your body but your mind as well, the two are interconnected.

The Body Relaxation Technique

1. Find a quiet and comfortable place where you can sit down with a straight back. (Perhaps on a chair or in the Lotus position)

2. Rest your hands, palms facing up, on your lap.

3. Close your eyes and take 2 deep breaths.

4. Be conscious of the way your face feels. Loosen your jaw. Then focus on your forehead, the sides, the top and the back of your head. Visualize each part, remembering to letting go of tension, trying to visualize your muscles loosening. You should take your time with this. Count 5 deep breathes on each part before moving on.

5. Keep transitioning through each of your body segments:

a) face, jaw, forehead, top, sides and back of your head.

b) neck and shoulders

c) chest, arms, hands and fingers

d) back (focus a moment on each vertibrae)

e) posterior, thighs

f) knees, shins, feet and toes

6. At the end, scan your body for any parts that need more attention. Your body should feel very relaxed and contented. You should feel very tranquil, yet alert and attentive.

7. Congratulations! You are now ready to begin meditating.This body relaxation technique should be completed directly before meditating.

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This process has allowed me many benefits over the years. I have been able to use this method before going to sleep, or in times of inner struggle when I get too anxious. Being calm has many subtle benefits. You can now choose any one of the meditations this site has to offer. Using this process is setting you up for success. Congratulations.

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