Major Benefits of Meditation

What are some benefits the average user is likely to see?

1. “Life gets Easier”.

One of the major benefits of meditation is that, frankly, it just makes life run a lot smoother. I live for this benefit. I don’t really know how to explain this occurrence. Its likely the main reason why people meditate. Things just tend to happen in your favour a lot more often. Although no one can really explain how this actually works, it just does. I have noticed a pronounced tendency with regards to the timing of things around me. For some unknown reason, things just tend to work out really well when I meditate. For example, running late to a crucial meeting, it ends up starting late anyways, I think of my wife and she calls. I sometimes feel as though life is a play, life events seem to be orchestrated in my favour. Ahhh, the benefits of meditation. Some people call this the work of God or Allah or Jesus or Brahman or Angels or whatever. The thing is, it doesn’t matter what you call it, it happens. Many people call these just coincidences, and some will consider them meaningful. There is a whole school of thought that relates to the Law of Attraction . The point is, they occur a lot more frequently during your day if your day begins with meditation. Life getting easier is one of many benefits of meditation.

2. Be a healthier person by far, without really trying to be.

Stress is a killer. An estimated 70-80% of doctor’s visits are due to ailments deemed to result from stress. Cortisol, a stress indicator in that is secreted into the blood, increases its levels in the body as your stress levels heighten. The human body is designed to produce a fight or flight response whenever in the presence of stress. Persistent high levels of stress can cause a lot of harm to the body, such as: high blood pressure, insomnia, skin disorders, gastrointestinal problems, migraines, back or neck pain, anxiety, immune system collapse, and exacerbation of diseases already present.

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One of the main reasons why I began meditating was to eliminate the amount of stress that was faced with as a student. I had these really painful and annoying cankers in my mouth that would persist for weeks. And as soon as they healed, more would usually show up in their place. I went to every possible specialist to find a solution. Nothing. The only solution the medical industry had was this steroid ointment cream that would speed up the healing time to about a week instead of two weeks. Big deal. It still didn’t prevent them from occurring. So I decided I needed to change. And change I did. As I began to meditate, things that popped into my life began to support my goal to reduce stress (like exercise). Today I laugh at cankers. Health is one of many benefits of meditation.

3. Extreme Concentration Power.

As a student, I have noticed a ton more concentration than ever before. Previously I have found that a 3 hr lecture, on a good day, is the very limit of my attention span. And that’s not bad. But now I can easily double that time without much hassle. This directly relates to my improved reading, speaking, and listening skills. You would be surprised to know how much the average individual relies on these skills on a day-to-day basis. This has a huge potential for anyone with ADHD or ADD (attention deficit disorder). Improved concentration is one of many benefits of meditation. Also you can build brainpower, increase mindpower, improve your life. There are many secrets to your amazing brain. Another meditation benefit. here.

4. Personal Growth.

Meditation helps bring personal achievement. After graduating from university, I found myself having a lot of time on my hands. This wasn’t necessarily a good thing because, after graduation from school I expected a job. Foolish me. Shortly after I finished school, I came to the conclusion that I needed some more training. I had to specialize into some type of field. This was the problem. I didn’t have the faintest clue to what I was supposed to do with my life. This went on for a year. To help me figure things out, I travelled. Nothing. I looked at developing different talents of mine. Nothing. There was no one I could talk to that could help me. I was then reminded by someone that one of the benefits of meditation was finding your inner voice. So, I decided to meditate on the issue. Within a year I had moved to a new city, gotten out of my parents house, started a new career, quit my old dead-end job, found full-time work in a great company with benefits, gotten engaged, went back to school, and it felt amazing. Not only did it feel good, but I’m married to this person and focussed on the same career track since I started. I believe practicing meditation helped me find the right path, and enhanced my self-discipline to get there. This is actually one of my favorite benefits of meditation.

“It’s not about whether or not you’re better than anyone else. It’s about being better than you used to be” That comes from the greatest inspirational minds of our time, and best selling author, Wayne Dyer. Meditation by itself is a process builds self-empowerment. Meditation benefit check. What is Meditation? Click here for a Definition This is one of my favorite meditation benefits. Throughout my life I have found that inner strength always leads to personal growth, inner strength is developed by discipline. Cultivating discipline is at the heart of meditation. Learning to meditate will naturally set the wheels of discipline in motion, and once you’re your in motion, success happens that much quicker. Whatever the challenge. Personal growth is one of many benefits of meditation.

5. Spiritual Connectedness.

Meditation will allow you to feel closer to life. Learning to meditate forces you to understand that life is about being in the moment. Meditation is very largely about developing the ability to focus. It trains your mind to be aware of time as it passes. This sensation creates a powerful perspective that alleviates you from thoughts from the past or the future. It frees you from the bonds of constant anticipation; it releases you from the nagging and irritating thoughts from past events. I’m reminded of the saying, “live the moment”. Donald Trump always says “to have an edge, you must first be on the edge”. There is no other way to be more involved in life than to live each moment to the fullest. Spiritual connectedness is one of the many benefits of meditation.

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