Jason Pietowski - About the Author of Meditation-Methods.com

Jason Pietowski is from Toronto, Canada as has an interest in many genres. He's part artist, musician, public speaker, avid motorcyclist and deep thinker. When he's not on his Honda VFR sport bike, he can be found jamming on his drums, walking Marlie (his half husky, half German Shepard), mountain biking along Toronto's best Mountain bike paths like the Don Valley Trails, or trying to interpret life as a colorful mosaic of endless expression. Attending University of Toronto in 2010, he is on his way to becoming a elementary school teacher.

Having an interest in the maximum potential of the mind and body, he developed a habit of seeking answers for mysterious phenomenon. Why was there so much evidence for so many unexplained experiences? Obtaining a degree in Psychology and in training & development he began experimenting in new ideas with quantum mechanics, visualization methods from The Secret, and concepts of personal development still on the mainstream down-low.

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